Industrial Site Catering and Life Support Services


The Industrial Catering section operates within many companies and industrial sites. Albert Abela is successful in its ability to operate within different segments of the industry whilst satisfying the diverse needs of the individual customers and clients.
At Albert Abela, we appreciate the enormity of time and economic constraints that Corporate Management and Institutions are undergoing in ensuring the smooth operations of their Staff Canteen, Cafeteria, Guest houses, camps etc.


                                                                                  BASIC FOOD SAMPLE 



                  FILIPINO FOOD SAMPLE                            ASIAN FOOD SAMPLE                        ARABIC FOOD SAMPLE 


                               BREAKFAST                                                                  BREAKFAST                                                         BREAKFAST

                               Rice / Bread                                                               Chappati & Paratha                                               Arabic Bread

                               Main Course                                                                   Main Course                                                         Main Course

                                  LUNCH                                                                             LUNCH                                                                   LUNCH

                                    Rice                                                                                  Rice & Dal                                                                  Rice  

                               Main Course                                                                   Main Course                                                          Main Course

                                 DINNER                                                                            DINNER                                                                  DINNER 

                                 Rice                                                                                     Rice & Dal                                                              Side Items

                                 Main Course                                                                   Main Course                                                          Main Course