Hospital and Nursing Home Catering Services


Albert Abela Co. SHJ & Northern Emirates has developed tailor made expertise of International excellence in all fields of Catering. With over Fourty years of experience, Albert Abela Sharjah &Northern Emirates has the management, infrastructure and specialized expertise to provide the highest quality services in the healthcare industry. The Albert Abela Sharjah is the professionals choice in contract hospital services.  

 The unique conditions of a hospital or nursing home environment make extra demands on this type of commercial operation. The food must not only be prepared in a totally hygienic environment and to a very high standard, but also be synchronized to the special dietary needs of the individual patients and that is the challenge Albert Abela Co. Sharjah & Northern Emirates (L.L.C.) is meeting in its Hospital Services.  

 The Hospital Services have been developed to particularly meet the requirements of Multi Specialty Hospitals, Nursing hostels where quality service of highest standards is the paramount objective.
As required in this type of service Albert Abela provides understanding and expertise in nutritional ingenuity, which benefits the hospitals and nursing homes in providing professional service to the patients. In addition to the catering for the patients the company also offers various options in catering for the Staff and employees of the Hospital.
In our constant endeavor for better client service we have pioneered special diet plan and menus, which are creative and look positively appealing.

Food Production:

Planning for kitchen from concept to commissioning stage and prescription of standard service specifications for regular operation and ensure that the diet order of the menu is produced as fixed by or ordered by the user.